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A fitness enthusiast since college, Jen has always believed in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In 2003, she left her corporate sales job to be able to help teach people to lead a healthy life. A long distance runner for years Jen has completed the Chicago Half Marathon as well as the Chicago Marathon. In addition, she participates in both Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. ACE and CPR certified in 2004, Jen has helped people with osteoporosis, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, change their lifestyles. Jen designs healthy exercise programs, to meet her client’s goal. In addition, she specializes in high energy, high intensity, workouts for people that are looking for a challenge. Jen stays current by trying everything herself, whether it is a new fitness class- or strength training move. Rest assured if you are looking to change your life- and are willing to work hard- Jen can help you!

Certified Personal Fitness trainer with Pilates Magic Circle

Abby squeezes the Pilates Magic Circle


Chicago Personal Fitness Training Studio

Chevette does frog kicks with a 10 lb dumbell - Great work for the legs and abs!


Certified Chicago Personal Trainer Teaches Ab Exercises

Jeanette works the abs


Chicago Certified Personal Fitness Training at its Best!

This Takes Abs and Adductors of Steel - a Great way to Work the Inner Thighs!


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