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Armie is a Personal Trainer Certified by the American Council on Exercise. She is also an excellent Pilates Instructor. When she is not training someone, she enjoys playing competitive Tennis and Vollyball. Armie graduated from College with a Physical Therapy Assistant's degree.

Skokie Personal Training and Pilates Instructor

Personal Training Boxing Core Strength in Evanston, Illinois
Think it's hard to do a situp and punch with both hands at the same time? It is! But that's part of the reason Tom has lost so much weight and so many inches off his stomach.


Want to try something even more fun? Try throwing punches from the pushup position. This takes a lot of upper body strength, but also REALLY works the core (stomach and back) muscles. Try it sometime!
Morton Grove and Wilmette Personal Fitness Training to Lose Weight and Tone Up

Evanston Personal Training Core Strength and Boxing
Here is another great exercise that works the obliques and the legs at the same time. It looks easy, but try it - it's a LOT harder than it looks. Be careful not to hold your breath while doing this (or any other) exercise. You could get light-headed.
Evanston, Wilmette and Winnetka In Home Personal Training
DownTown Chicago Personal Fitness Training in home Don't try this if you are a beginner. Your Personal Trainer can work you up to this in time. Tonya has been working with Armie for quite a while. This exercise can be held in static contraction for time, or you can raise the feet high towards the ceiling and then lower them. Keep repeating this and soon you'll have abs of steel!
Armie's background in Physical Therapy enables her to help a lot of people who are recovering from injuries. She also knows how to help people use proper form to avoid injuries. Her training in Tennis and Volleyball also help her to understand principles that can help any athlete improve in their chosen sport. Want to knock a few strokes off your golf game? Armie can help!

Read what a couple of Armie's many happy clients have to say about her:


Don't I tell you, like, everyday how much you do for me? :). You are
wonderful. OK, here it is in writing:

After training with Armie I've gone from 40 something percent fat to 28%. I have shed 30 lbs. (and still going), I've lost about 2" all over my body except in my hips/thighs (my problem area!), which I only lost 1", I am noticibly more muscular and fit...and I accomplished all of this in about 4 months! It would have been sooner than 4 months if not for my weakness for certain food items. Recently I went to a meeting with some colleagues I haven't seen in months and I got all kinds of compliments/questions about my weight. So in reference to Armie's ability to inspire and get you results, she is superb.

But there is an added bonus...She's nice, understanding and struggles with the same things I do!  I can talk to her about my struggles and not worry about being judged. When I have a bad day, she really cares and is there to encourage me to pick myself up and move on. I consider her a friend and I wish her the best. She is a wonderful trainer and worth every penny."

~Karen Kusumakar


An Unsolicited note, sent to the president of


I just wanted to send a note and give you an update about my work with Armie.  I realize she is a fairly new employee of yours and being a business owner myself, understand the importance of customer feedback to better help manage the business and customer satisfaction.

Armie comes to every session on time ready to begin with a cheerful attitude.  I find a really nice mix with her , one of professionalism yet casual enough to feel completely comfortable and she also has a very good sense of humor (I can be kind of silly and she just rolls with the punches (so to speak) and adds her own humor as well).  She pushes me hard (yet hasn't killed me yet), and really puts together a nice mix keeping it fun and challenging for me.  The fact she is also a physical therapist has been such a help with some issues I have with my hamstrings and knees.  I already see an improvement with my flexibility and strength.

I am so thrilled to be working with Armie, and look forward to the next several months while she helps me transform my body and spirit!


Donna Jo Brownstone


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