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Chicago personal trainer Anita


I'm Anita, a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA. I have been in the industry for 6 years. I enjoy being a personal trainer for many reasons; first and foremost I love all sports and healthy living. When we are healthy, it motivates us in more areas of our lives than we can imagine. I definitely enjoy working with any type of individual whether it's sports conditioning, to minor or some severe injured, I've worked with post-surgery clients, elderly & adolescence, pre and post natal, cancer patients, those that need to lose a lot of weight or those who can't seem to shed those last 10 pounds, and individuals that need a motivational workout regemin!

Certifications include:
Kick Boxing Certified
Pre/Post Natal Certified
Gravity/Body Weight Training Program Certification
Therapeutic/Active Stretch Certified

Additional Experience:
Nutrition Workshops (for different body types)
Pre/Post Surgery Rehabilitations (knee injury, spine/back injury, shoulder injury, wrist and ankle, various joint weaknesses)
Correction of Imbalances throughout the body
Posture Reinforcement Exercises
Core Strength Classes

Chicago personal trainer Anita

Dear Anita,
For many years I put work before anything in my life. To be successful was first on my list along with going out for drinks and unhealthy dinners all the time. To be healthy and in shape was definitely toward the bottom of my priorities. My family has health problems but I made excuses in my head that I was going to be ok. Mainly because I did not feel like I was that overweight, I didn’t think I was that bad. A friend of mine told me he had a trainer and was getting in shape and feeling great, so I called Anita thinking I may need someone to show me how to exercise correctly. My first session, she was checking my strength abilities by doing some simple exercises. When I couldn’t do more than 2 push-ups, and only about 5 good sit-ups, and a few cardiovascular drills without feeling extremely out of breath I then realized how out of shape I really was. I was embarrassed! I hoped no one was looking and seeing me struggle this way. But most of all I was embarrassed that I let myself get to this point. It has been only 3 months now and she definitely has been a tremendous help. I just wanted to feel more lean and lose inches around my waist. All of my goals are happening! I realize that getting results is motivating me to keep going. I feel good about it and look forward to it more than ever now! Thanks Again!
- N. Pappas

Chicago personal trainer Anita
Chicago personal trainer Anita

I’m 45 years old. I met Anita though a friend of mine who in the past exercised with her and had great experiences with her style and approach on getting/staying in shape. My whole life I have been overweight. My family is also overweight and struggles with obesity. I didn’t enjoy exercise much and feel that it had a lot to do with being unconfident at the gym. I weighed 298 lbs and did endless research on the pro and cons of getting Gastric Bypass Surgery. I decided to proceed and had the surgery done about a year ago today, I ended up losing close to 80 lbs just from the surgery and changing my diet according to the surgery. I was exercising alone but felt that I needed more because I stopped losing weight. I just wanted to get under the 200 mark, so I called Anita. She was very understanding and has in the past had a few others with the same issues as me, so I felt comfortable. We have been working out for 4 months now and I my weight is bouncing from 199 to 203 lbs! That was so exciting for me to see that scale get into a 1… anything! After all I’m only 5’8’’. I am also definitely not done yet, I have come a long way and plan to look and feel the best in my life! Life now is better!
- A. Bobowsky

Chicago in-home personal trainer
I have been working out off and on since my teenage years. I’m 32 now and just got married. I slowly put on inches around the areas that I hate, which are my hips and stomach area. I don’t think my arms and legs are gaining, it’s just in the areas that make buying clothes somewhat difficult. I then told myself that instead of buying new clothes to fit my new body I would invest my time and effort into exercising and eating better. I’ve had a couple trainers in the past but what I liked about working with Anita is that she understood my busy life and my difficulty with choosing good meals since time is limited throughout my day. She sat me down and we chose and stuck to the days that I can exercise and we also structured my eating choices better so that I can still eat the food I enjoy eating! It was and is still hard work, but I feel that it is priceless to stay energetic & feel good from the inside out. Anita has been very supportive every step of the way (even when I felt stubborn she didn’t let me!). It has been life changing! Thank You!!
-A. Rahn
Chicago in-home personal trainer
Chicago in-home personal trainer

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